Put simply I'm a minimalistic marketing geek with a film degree donning a self-prescribed graphic designer hat with a passion for user experience and display advertising. It might sound like I do it all. I don't. Trust me. But generally that doesn't stop me. 

Who is this Josh guy anyway? 

There are far too many bios on the web where people drone on about themselves in third person. A form of puffery? Perhaps. That's not me. So here's a little no frills, first person introduction.

I'm Josh Donnelly. I earned my bachelor of arts in communication media production from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. I have a passion for telling authentic stories about great brands both locally and globally.

I began my career working as a creative at Apple. From there I moved on to manage advertising for FIAT North America. After years of working alongside some of the coolest people in the advertising industry I decided to set out on my own venture.

I have a passion for Detroit and supporting my local community. Shop local, buy local, advertise local, be local.